Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue massage treatment is suitable for pain in any area of your body; neck and shoulder pain; lower back pain; foot pain; arm pain; hip pain; sciatica etc. It is a therapeutic form of massage which includes a variety of massage styles with the intent of assessing and treating pain, injury, musculoskeletal disorders,  work-related neck and upper limb disorders (WRULDs), repetitive strain disorders (RSI) and limited mobility. The initial consultation and assessments will highlight where the source of the problem is and treatment and self-care advice will then be focused around correcting the identified problem and maintaining the gains achieved through treatment.

All our therapists are trained in orthopaedic massage, myoskeletal alignment and myofascial release, tools that are revolutionising the deep tissue massage industry, as well as in traditional sports massage and deep tissue massage. They all have a firm understanding of body mechanics, and through detailed consultation and assessment, can identify the source of your pain. They use a variety of techniques as appropriate including orthopaedic massage, myoskeletal alignment techniques, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, lymph drainage massage, trigger pointing, taping and strapping, visceral manipulation, cupping and scraping to achieve real and lasting results for you in the most efficient way possible. Essential oils are also used on occasion to assist with the treatment of pain and inflammation.

Issues dealt with during deep tissue massage

Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain can have many causative factors. The pain can be muscular, fascial or nerve pain. There may be musculoskeletal alignment issues, old injuries, compensatory issues or scar tissue. Your therapist will carry out a full consultation and postural assessment, to understand the reasons for your lower back pain and devise a treatment appropriate for your needs. The deep tissue treatment will focus on the causative factors of your back pain, helping you to return to pain free movement and equipping you with tools to maintain your improvement.

Upper Back/Neck and Shoulder Pain
Discomfort, pain or tension headache have many causative factors. The main one would be poor posture when working at a computer, repetitive movement and injuries like whiplash. The pain can manifest in various ways from between the shoulders, to fascial pain and headaches. Your therapist will carry out a full consultation and postural assessment, to understand the reasons for your upper back pain and devise a treatment appropriate for your needs.

Muscle Spasms and Cramps
Cramps and spasms often happen in muscles that are overstretched and taut. Your therapist will carry out a full consultation and assessment to determine the source of your muscular spasm or cramp. A treatment plan will be devised to deal with your problems and bring your muscles back in to balance. Essential oils and lymph drainage massage may also be used to help to manage the pain and spasms.

General Muscle Aches and Pain
Muscular discomfort can and does occur anywhere in the body; head, arms, legs, hips. This can be linked to imbalances caused by overuse, tightness and poor postural habits. The result is overstretched, taut and aching muscle, or even cramps and spasms. Your therapist will carry out a full consultation and postural assessment, to understand the reasons for your aches and pain and devise a treatment appropriate for your needs. You will also be given exercises to enable you to avoid these imbalances.

Tension headaches or migraines are often a symptom of tense upper neck and facial muscles. Some of the muscles can restrict the blood flow and alter the head position. There may be other physical, environmental or emotional stress that can tip you into discomfort. During your treatment your therapist will assess and consult with you to best understand the cause for your headache or migraine and carry out the most appropriate treatment for you.

Repetitive Strain Disorders
Repetitive Strain Disorders are brought on by the repetition of the same movement or holding pattern of a constant basis like typing or playing a musical instrument. Examples of these conditions would be carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, golfer’s and tennis elbow/epicondilitis. After a full consultation and assessment your therapist will use deep tissue techniques to work on releasing the areas of overuse and restoring balance, bring you back to pain free movement. You will then be guide through exercises to do on a daily basis, so that you can maintain pain free movement and avoid reoccurrence.

Plantar Fasciaitis/Foot Pain
Plantar fasciaitis refers to pain on the sole of the foot or at the heel. It happens when there is a pull on connective tissue (fascia) which gives support to the arch of your foot and runs from your toes to your heel. There are various causes from poor foot wear to tightness in your calves, etc. Plantar fasciaitis presents with extreme pain in the soles of the foot on waking up but easing on movement. It can occur again at any point during the day after a rest period. Your therapist will carry out an assessment and consultation to look at what may be the cause for you and treat appropriately using deep tissue massage and offer home care advice on how to manage it for yourself.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative musculoskeletal disorder of the joints. The cartilage and bone get worn away leading to pain and inflammation. Some of the causes of Osteoarthritis are repetitive movement in poor posture, lax ligaments from injury or genetics. Your therapist will carry out a full consultation and postural assessment to understand any causative factors and also any splinting that may be happening to protect the joint. Your deep tissue massage treatment will look at improving and easing range of motion of affected joints, balancing posture and equipping you to maintain the improvements achieved.

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