Our Vision

Our vision is always to be a therapeutic massage clinic. We see our role as using massage and holistic techniques to reduce pain, injuries and stress; to provide a relaxing, caring, supportive, safe environment for our clients and to empower them to maintain and manage themselves.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone has certain control over their own health and well-being but that they often lose that control. We believe our role is to not only offer relief from their concerns but to give them back a level of control.

We believe in working ethically, passionately and confidently, within the scope of our training and the limitations of the treatments. We believe in continuing education for all therapists for the best chance of achieving effective and efficient treatments.

Our Mission

  • To be a safe haven, an oasis of calm, where our clients can come to find help with their pain, injuries, range of movement, quality of life, stresses and anxieties or just an ear to listen.
  • To do this through caring, listening and understanding in a professional manner from point of contact through to aftercare, in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • To provide intelligent, intuitive, effective and efficient tailored treatments and relationships to all our clients.
  • To empower clients in their lifestyle and self-care rather than be reliant on us. Our philosophy is to get our clients back to a point as quick as possible, where they can manage their issue through life-style choices and exercise and that they listen to their body and seek treatment if those management tools are no longer working, before it gets out of control again. Clients are welcome to continue coming when out of pain to push themselves towards optimal movement etc. or just to relax.


Our Therapists

Rachel Chambers

Massage Therapist

Rachel is a full-time massage therapist in the Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic. She has been working as a therapist since 2005 and previously worked in the Holistic Healing Centre.

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Alana Digan

Massage Therapist

Alana is a full-time massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist and Reiki practitioner at Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic.

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Liz Newman

Massage Therapist

Liz is a full-time massage therapist in Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic. She has been working as a massage therapist since 2018.

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