Sports Massage

Sports massage is a combination of massage and mobilisation techniques used, where appropriate, with the intent of maintaining peak performance from muscles and connective tissues or as an aid in injury recovery and return to sport or recovery after an event.

However, it’s not just for the serious athlete. Sports massage can benefit anyone participating in sports, exercise or strenuous activities from the amateur sports person to the weekend warrior. Keeping muscles and tissues supple helps to prevent injury. Addressing an injury as soon as it happens can help speed up recovery time and insure better recovery so reducing problems and re-injuries in the future.

Issues dealt with during sports massage
Preparation and Recovery
Sports massage before the big event can reduce muscle fatigue from recent training sessions and boost circulation to the muscles, thus allowing you to achieve your best during the event. It also helps relieve any area where there may be some weakness and reduce the potential for injury during the event. Massage after your event aids recovery and repair. It can also help to reduce any delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and identify any areas that were under stress during the event, easing it and once again avoiding injury in the future.

We all know that prevention is better than a cure and when you are training it is even more so. Getting regular sports massage treatments it will keep soft tissue and your body in balance so helping you to avoid strains or worse, meaning that you do not need to take time away from training because of injury. You will be better able to reach your goals, such as run a marathon or staying match fit.

Massage is not recommended for the first 72 hours after an injury, expect for some light lymph drainage massage which can be used to ease both swelling and inflammation. It is best to use P.R.I.C.E (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) and seek medical advice if necessary. Once you are out of the acute phase, the first 72 hours, sports massage will speed up recovery and aid in the formation of functional scar tissues and restore normal range of motion of the affected area. Treating your injury correctly as early as possible will prevent further complication or re-injury to the area.

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