Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that aims to rebalance the body’s systems by applying focused pressure on specific points or reflexes on the feet which refer or map to specific organs or structures in the body. Working these reflexes, combined with the deep relaxation this treatment induces, helps to bring about a powerful healing effect on the physical and non-physical. Reflexology can be used at all stages of your pregnancy to encourage an easy and healthy journey for you and your growing baby. We recommend treatments from 12 weeks onwards.

Issues dealt with during pregnancy reflexology
Stress can hit during pregnancy and post-natally the same as it does during other times in your life. It has impacts on your sleep patterns, energy levels, mood and immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. Relaxation treatments like reflexology, massage and aromatherapy massage can help you reduce your stress levels, improve your response to stress, allow you to rest, re-energize, manage everything a better and actively boost your immune system.

Anxiety takes on a whole new dimension during pregnancy and post-natally. Suddenly it’s not just about you but about your tiny baby who is completely dependent on you. Anxiety can interfere with your sleep, energy, decision-making abilities, mental clarity and your health. Relaxation treatments like reflexology, massage and aromatherapy massage can help you deal with your anxiety by giving you time to de-stress, rest, re- energize, boosting your immune system and giving you a new, brighter perspective on a situation.

Hormonal Balancing
Your journey through pregnancy and post-natal is a time of major changes to your hormone balance. Different hormones are needed for every stage of conception, pregnancy, breast-feeding and re-storing equilibrium. Reflexology can help you adapt to these changes quickly thus reducing unpleasant mood swings or physical discomfort.

Improved sleep
Sleep deprivation or insomnia can affect health, mood, energy levels, and concentration levels. Reflexology can bring you to a state of relaxation that compare to sleep in its ability to enable recovery and repair. Treatments also aid normal sleep patterns where they have been disrupted by stress, pain or ill-health. Unfortunately though, it won’t prevent a new born waking up for its 2am feed, but it will make that easier to deal with.

Digestive Health
Fluctuations in your hormones, especially at the start of your pregnancy can leave you feeling very unwell. Stress levels and nutritional factors are usually key to this issue. Stress forces energy into your muscles, eyes, brain while pausing your digestive system. In a relaxed state, digestion can happen naturally, helping to ease constipation, heartburn and nausea. Any of our relaxation treatments can help reduce stress, while promoting relaxation and digestion. Reflexology and aromatherapy also promote this relaxation process as well as working more directly on your hormonal system, stress response and digestive tract thus having a greater impact on your systems.

Encourage a Healthy Pregnancy
Optimizing your health and well-being during pregnancy gives your baby the best possible start in life as well as making things easier for you. This is a multi-faceted task that includes relaxation, nutrition, exercise (within what you are capable of), sleep and happiness. Any of our relaxation treatments will help you de-stress and improve sleep patterns but reflexology can work more directly on any issues you may be experiencing. Anxiety and nausea can be helped and your hormonal balance can be optimized, influencing how you feel in body and mind and the growth of your baby.

Preparation for Labour as your Due Date Arrives
It is well know that increases in our stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisone will inhibit the commencement of and progress of labour. Relaxing treatments at this stage will encourage your labour to start naturally. Reflexology and some essential oils can take that one step further by having a direct impact on hormone production.

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