Post Natal Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that aims to rebalance the body’s systems by applying focused pressure on specific points or reflexes on the feet which refer or map to specific organs or structures in the body. Working these reflexes, combined with the deep relaxation this treatment induces, helps to bring about a powerful healing effect on the physical and non-physical.

Issues dealt with during post-natal reflexology
Fatigue after the birth of your baby is common, ranging from mild to severe. It is tiring carrying and growing a baby for 9 months while continuing with your normal activities, never mind the birth itself. And you get even less rest after all that is done and the longer journey of raising your baby begins. Reflexology and any of our relaxation treatments can help restore your energy, allow you time to relax, unwind and revive your body and mind. Reflexology and aromatherapy will work directly on areas that are struggling more such as a weakened immune system, poor sleep or heightened anxiety levels. Massage can help alleviate muscle fatigue and tension.

Hormonal Balancing
Your journey through pregnancy and post-natal is a time of major changes to your hormone balance. Different hormones are needed for every stage of conception, pregnancy, breast-feeding and re-storing equilibrium. Reflexology can help you adapt to these changes quickly thus reducing unpleasant mood swings or physical discomfort.

Stress can hit during pregnancy and post-natally, the same as it does during other times in your life. It has impacts on your sleep patterns, energy levels, mood and immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. Relaxation treatments like reflexology, massage and aromatherapy massage can help you reduce your stress levels, improve your response to stress, allow you to rest, re-energize, manage everything a better and actively boost your immune system.

Anxiety takes on a whole new dimension during pregnancy and post-natally. Suddenly it’s not just about you but about your tiny baby who is completely dependent on you. Anxiety can interfere with your sleep, energy, decision-making abilities, mental clarity and your health. Relaxation treatments like reflexology, massage and aromatherapy massage can help you deal with your anxiety by giving you time to de-stress, rest, re- energize, boosting your immune system and giving you a new, brighter perspective on a situation.

Personal Time
It can often feel in your baby’s first few weeks that he/she has consumed your life. How you cope with that can have a huge impact of both you and your baby as well as other members of your family. Sometimes all you need is a little time out. Reflexology is one option that has many other benefits such as relaxing, promoting digestive health, boosting your immune system and balancing your hormones.

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