Are You a Weekend Warrior?

Do you go from Zero to Hero? Are you a Weekend Warrior?

No! We are not asking if you run around at the weekend in chain-mail with a battle axe, but if you live a sedentary life Monday to Friday only to take on the world at the weekend – a long mountain hike, a race cross-country on your bike, redesigning your garden from scratch? If so, could you be doing yourself more harm than good?

Simple answer – yes!

Being sedentary during the work week especially if it is seated work, like desk work or driving, is allowing your body think that that is the norm and that static muscles are too.  When you then go for that long run or hill hike you are pushing your body beyond the normal limits it thinks it has, leaving you prone to injury.

There are simple ways to help avoid this, to be the Hero without the human weaknesses. By following these simple steps you will avoid injury, get more enjoyment from your activity, feel less stiff and sore after and generally be healthier.

  1. Spend just 2-3 minutes doing some gentle stretches each day after you have been static for long durations. This will allow your body come out of that position and recognise that it does not have to stay in that position.
  2. Take any opportunity to walk, even for a few minutes. Walk that flight of stairs, even just coming down, find a reason to walk around the office, walk to the shops, get off the bus a stop earlier. Every time you move allows your body to recognise its ability to be flexible.
  3. Do short stints of exercise during the week like a 10 minute brisk walk. Your body is well able to move and will respond positively to exercise. It doesn’t need to be much.
  4. Always do appropriate warm-up and cool-down for your chosen activity, to prepare and relax your muscles.
  5. Get a massage every once in a while, either a therapeutic massage or relaxation massage. Your body will relax and loosen up and settle into a more neutral position but also you will become more aware of your body and where you need to focus your stretches.
  6. Enjoy your weekends even more without falling back to Zero!


Looking forward to seeing all you Weekend Warriors when you charge in for your treatment. Please have consideration for the regular folk though and leave all weapons at home. They might be put off seeing an axe lying around.