Lymph Drainage Massage

Lymph drainage massage is a very light, slow, rhythmical massage. The intention is to stimulate the lymph vessels that run just below the skin. Lymph drainage massage drains excess fluids from the tissues returning them to the circulatory system. This means lymph drainage massage can help in many cases of fluid retention, including from pregnancy, injury and minor health issues. The lymphatic system is also a vital part of your immune system, meaning lymph drainage massage can stimulate your immune system during and after times of illness. The gentleness of the treatment will lull you into a state of deep calm and relaxation.

Issues dealt with during lymph drainage massage
Any surgery involves trauma to that area. There is often bruising, oedema/swelling, inflammation and scaring around the incision site. Lymph drainage massage, when applied little and often helps increase the healing time and improve the appearance of bruising and scar tissue.   Regularly draining an area of swelling/oedema improves the healing by allowing fresh nutrients into the local area. Lymph drainage massage also helps boost the immune system so it can help prevent infections occurring. We recommend lymph drainage massage once the stitches or surgical wounds have healed.

Recent Acute Injuries
Normally massage is not recommended in the first 72 hours after an injury, while there is still swelling and inflammation. However, lymph drainage massage can be used at this point, once you have sought medical advice. Providing there is no open wounds or stitches, lymph drainage massage can be used to encourage a speedy recovery. It will help reduce pain, speed up healing time and improve the appearance of bruising and scar tissue. Regularly draining an area of swelling/oedema improves the healing by allowing fresh nutrients into the local area. Once you are out of the acute phase, sports massage will aid in the formation of functional scar tissue and restoring normal range of motion of the affected area. Treating your injury correctly as early as possible will prevent further complication or re-injury to the area.

Bruising and Oedema
Oedema is the presence of excess fluid in the tissue between the cells. There are many causes. Sometimes it is from static limbs (like after long flight), a result of injury, dehydration, illness, result of an infection or congenital reasons. Bruising is when a blood vessel is damage and blood seeps into the tissues around the damaged area. Oedema is part of the initial healing process. Lymph drainage massage helps by stimulating the lymphatic system to collect the excess fluid. It will promote healing in the case of bruising or injury by improving blood flow to the area to repair the damaged cells.

Immune Boosting
Your immune system is vital to your overall health. A weakened immune system will leave you vulnerable to infection and other illnesses. Many of our treatments, including full body massage, reflexology, aromatherapy massage and Reiki, will stimulate your immune system by relaxing your central nervous system allowing more energy to your immune system. Lymph drainage massage is particularly effective as it works directly on the lymphatic system, a core part of your immune system. Lymph drainage massage will help boost your immune systems’ functioning and help prevent recurrent infections in a very direct and powerful way by producing many of your white blood cells.

Allergies and Hayfever
Allergies occur when there is an extreme response to everyday stimuli like pollen in the case of hay fever or dust. Regular lymph drainage massage treatment can reduce this extreme response to everyday stimulus. However, it does not last forever so your therapist will give you advice on how to maintain the benefit from the lymph drainage massage treatment and how to do some self-treatment at home. It is most successful when you get 2-3 sessions in quick succession followed by more periodic treatments and regular self-treatment.

Tissue Congestion/Cellulite
Tissue congestion occurs for many reasons; a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, hormone imbalance all of which can develop into cellulite on the hips and thighs. It can be a sign that your own body is having difficulty detoxifying. Following a full consultation your therapist will devise a plan that is most appropriate to deal with your underlying causes and presenting symptoms. They will use lymph drainage massage to promote removal of waste but may also decide to use essential oils to stimulate the detoxifying effect further.

Post-viral Fatigue
Fatigue can occur after an illness, leaving you vulnerable to re-infection and with reduced energy levels. It can last for some time after the illness has cleared. Lymph drainage massage can help. It can stimulate your immune system, encourage relaxation, and help your body to restore hormone balance thus returning you to full health.

Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a collection of signs and symptoms that affect many systems in the body which results in potentially debilitating fatigue. Our therapists will look at your body as whole and help you choose the most appropriate treatment. Relaxation treatments help by encouraging deep relaxation and better sleep which in turn improves your body’s ability to self-repair. Treatments that may be recommended to you are aromatherapy, reflexology, full body massage and lymph drainage massage. Our therapist will carry out a full consultation and assessment and design a plan of the best treatment for you, your needs and preferences.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome involving sleep disorders and predictable pain patterns of tender points in the muscles and other soft tissues. It is a hard syndrome to diagnose. Discussing your difficulties, such as IBS, pain, fibro fog, etc. with your therapist will help us create a treatment plan appropriate to you. Relaxation treatments can help your improve sleep and interrupt the pain cycle and improve repair processes in your body. Lymph drainage massage seems to be of particular benefit to those with fibromyalgia as it is an extremely light touch treatment and is well tolerated even when other forms of therapy are too heavy.

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