Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is the ultimate in luxury and pampering. Hot basalt stones are placed on your body to allow maximum heat absorption while the therapist performs a full body massage with more hot stones. The heat from the hot stones aids a deep relaxation in the muscles. This is ideal as a serious de-stressor or just a special treat.

Issues dealt with during hot stone massage

Never under estimate the power of relaxation. It is the key to health and happiness. It is a skill that many of us need to learn especially with the hectic lifestyles we now lead. We also need to give ourselves permission to relax. It is amazing how the effects of one relaxation treatment boost our whole body and mind boosting us to be overall more effective. Our hot stone massage will bring you into a deep state of relaxation physically and mentally. We will adapt it to your needs on the day.

We all know that stress is a cause of a multitude of health issues. It drains your energy levels, leaves you holding your muscles tightly and leads to poor sleep patterns. Finding a way to relax helps you to reduce these symptoms. It is amazing how time out and an easing in tension, allows you to function better, cope with daily stress more effectively and enable you to put things in perspective. Our hot stone massage is particularly good for inducing relaxation as it is just too much to fight the massage and the heat.

Boost Circulation
Poor circulation can contribute to muscle fatigue, cold hands and feet and a reduction in your rate of healing. Massage boosts circulation to your organs and muscle tissue, helping to improve your healing, energy levels and temperature control. Added heat from our hot stone massage increases the effect on your circulation.

Muscle Tension
Muscle tension occurs for many reasons, fatigue, poor posture working at a desk, after illness and unusual physical activity. Our hot stone massage will boost circulation throughout your body and specifically to the muscles, relaxing the tense muscles and easing your fatigue leaving you will revitalized afterwards.

Pampering and Indulging
Sometimes you need to reward yourself or some else needs to pamper you. A luxury Hot Stone massage or aromatherapy facial massage is perfect when you want to relax, unwind and let go.

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